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Variable Speed Drives in Oklahoma City

When you need improved motor automation and energy efficiency, there’s only one name you should know, and that’s I Drives MW.

We have a full selection of variable speed drive units allowing for improved control and better energy-saving properties for all motor types. Our team strives to provide the highest level of quality to ensure customers are totally satisfied with our products. Plus, we offer comprehensive support to help you get set up.

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Variable Speed Drives For Motors And Devices Of All Kinds

At I Drives MW, we offer a wide selection of variable speed drives for all sorts of motors, devices, and machinery. Our team can help you choose a drive based on the power and voltage of your motor. Our products work with any of the following:

  • Induction motors
  • Permanent magnet motors
  • Brushless DC motors
  • Synchronous reluctance motors

No matter your industry, we can provide industrial automation, pump control, and HVAC efficiency solutions made to measure.

User-Friendly, Energy-Saving Variable Speed Drives

All our variable speed drives are incredibly easy to use, no matter your level of expertise. Right at your fingertips, you have full control, thanks to our intuitive keypad control. You can now maximize motor efficiency and energy efficiency at the touch of a button.

Our drives’ default settings are suitable for most applications, but you can easily switch modes to optimize functionality. If you’re using our variable speed drives for conveyors, mixers, or treadmills, industrial mode is the way to go. Otherwise, pump mode and fan mode are readily available – just click.

Innovative, Well-Calibrated Variable Speed Drive Design

Our specialized drives are innovative and well-calibrated to be able to perform well in all kinds of environments and withstand damage. As a given, our units are dust-tight and washdown ready. We also have enclosed systems that are optimal for outdoor use.

Easy to wire, if you feel confident about basic wiring, you can have your variable speed drive up and running on your own by following one of our user manuals.

A Full Support Variable Speed Drive Manufacturer

Whether you need help with variable speed drive installation or your device needs servicing, we have a support network in place to ensure that you’re never stuck. In fact, I Drives MW is proud to offer global, widespread support on our specialized systems.

When you go with our products, you can rest assured that you’ll always have professionals you can call for assistance. If your unit isn’t working as it should, we’ll send someone over to make a complete diagnosis and troubleshoot. If you simply want a helping hand installing your variable speed drive, there’s no problem with that either. Call (314) 614-4788 and book an appointment.

Adjustable Speed Drives for a Range of Applications

One of the biggest advantages of I Drives MW’s variable speed drives is the flexibility and versatility of their application. Perfect for a wide range of commercial, industrial, and residential uses, our VFD’s can be used for:

  • Commercial and residential HVAC system controls
  • Pump controls
  • Elevators
  • General automation
  • Combustion air fan controls
  • Marine equipment controls

Choose the VFD that suits your purposes and start saving energy now. We have helped companies from all over the world improve and simplify their processes while saving money at the same time.

Simple Setup for AC Variable Frequency Drives

Straight from the get-go, our VFDs are programmed with default settings that work for most applications. We use a straightforward 14 parameter setup process that makes commissioning easy. The intuitive keypad controls give you the ability to quickly change the settings and make alterations based on emergent needs. Precise digital controls give you more accuracy than competing VFDs on the market.

Our product comes with several preprogrammed settings for industrial, pumps, and fans. These modes make it easy to switch between applications—at the click of a button! And if you need to customize the application, our drives make virtually any setup possible.

Take advantage of the preprogrammed general use settings:

Industrial Mode

This mode will help optimize your industrial processes with setting characteristics of industrial production, manufacture, and other applications. Great for:

  • Conveyor belts
  • Mixers
  • Treadmills

Pump Mode

This energy-efficient pump control setting will help you preserve the integrity of your pumps and become more efficient. It’s ideal for:

  • Dosing pumps
  • Borehole pumps
  • Transfer pumps
  • Swimming pools
  • Spas
  • Fountains

Fan Mode

Gain total control over airflow and ventilation systems with this HVAC specific mode. Fan Mode is perfect for a range of uses, including:

  • Air handling units
  • Ventilation fans
  • Circulating fans
  • Air curtains
  • Kitchen extract

Commissioning your VFD has never been easier! Call us now to speak with an expert about how I Drives MW can help you optimize your processes and improve your sustainability.

VFDs Rated for Outdoor Applications

Our fully enclosed drives are ready to take on the elements. Dust-tight and ready to be washed down, our outdoor Optidrive models will give you the peace of mind to maintain smooth operations. Built with rugged polycarbonate plastics, our drives can withstand UV degradation, as well as those caused by oils, acids, and grease. Plus, it’s ready for winter, with a design that can stand up to temperatures as low as -20°C.

In addition to withstanding rain and dust in the outdoors, our drives are perfect for food processing and beverage production applications that require intensive hygienic clean-ups. Spray it down and disinfect! Our drives hold up against the day-to-day abuse of continual sanitation and washdowns. Worry-free, sanitary, and easy to use—that’s what you get when you invest in a VFD from I Drives MW.

Innovative, Reliable, and Robust VFDs

We have designed our drives for easy panel mounting and straightforward commissioning. Its compact design makes it easy to find a place to mount it in a panel. With DIN-rail and keyhole mounting options, you can forget about installation headaches!

Oklahoma City’s Best In Variable Speed Drives

At I Drives MW, we’re proud to provide exceptional technology and outstanding support services. Once installed and ready to go, power on your variable speed drive and enjoy improved motor control and better energy efficiency right away.

Are you interested in our products? Get in touch with us now at (314) 614-4788.